Commercial Access Control

Along with NSI approved alarms and CCTV, we also offer full NSI certified access control systems.

Restriction of non-authorised persons to premises or sensitive areas within a premise is paramount to good security and housekeeping. It could also factor heavily in areas of health and safety where due to high risks, staff and visitors alike need to be restrained from entering these vulnerable areas or where automatic logging of staff movements are needed. Employee/Staff security can be afforded with a coded “barrier” to stop unauthorised entry into areas such as staff canteens or changing rooms, behind counter areas or simply the main door. 

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With a vast range of systems available, we can supply and fit from a simple mechanical code door lock to computer based multi-door systems for large corporate applications. Various methods can be utilised to provide authorised access, including code locks, swipe cards, proximity and biometric readers.

For smaller buildings and manned entrances a full range of door entry systems are available using a simple single way audible entry phone to large audio/visual entry systems for multiple occupancy buildings.