surveillance cameras installed in BasingstokeClosed Circuit Television has long been recognised as an efficient aid to crime prevention and detection in the public and commercial environment. What is less documented is its effectiveness in a residential capacity for homes across Basingstoke and surrounding areas.

We have been supplying and installing CCTV systems for nearly as long as intruder alarms for both commercial and residential applications and can provide a CCTV system from a simple door observation camera and monitor to a sophisticated multi-camera systems.

These systems can use sophisticated day/night cameras with infra-red lighting, high speed domes with full telemetry control and remote access. Alternatively, for properties that require an even higher level of picture quality, we can specify and provide analogue, IP or HD-TVI Solutions (HD over coax). We can also connect using IP wifi.

Recording of events and images can be achieved using low cost digital video recorders where budget is of prime concern or using much more sophisticated DVRs and HD DVR’s with CD/RW and massive storage capacity to give many days, weeks or even months of recording.

DVR’s can be linked to a LAN and/or streamed to web browsers and smart phone applications.

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CCTV camera installers in BasingstokeOur clients property types include:

We can frequently offer special packages at superb rates for home and small business applications, just call us for a quotation.