Audible/bells Alarm systems (Grade 2X) 

Texecom alarms installed and supplied in Basingstoke

These are exactly as the description  implies, a system comprising of a suitable control panel, a number of detection  devices with audible warning devices fitted both inside and outside the  premises to instantly alert you, your neighbours and the intruder themselves  that the alarm has been tripped.

Audible only systems are the most common type of alarm fitted as they provide excellent protection for a much lower outlay than monitored systems. The sudden loud sound of the external alarm encourages the intruder to vacate the scene of the crime in case they are observed or caught in the act.

The control panel required is normally less expensive than for a monitored system as the features and function required are less extensive than a control panel designed to accommodate a remote signalling device.

Typical of these types of control panel are the Castle Euromini control panels shown here.

Fitted with a combination  of quality passive infra-red detectors movement detectors, contact switches and  other devices as required, they provide an excellent reliable, easy to use system and at a surprising competitive price. As with all of our systems a comprehensive minimum 12 month warranty and service package is provided free of charge, extendable with an on-going service contract.

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Audible Plus Systems (Grade 2X & 2B Key holder response systems)

Burglar alarm remote phones supplied in Basingstoke

This term best describes those systems that fit between an audible only system and a DD8243 compliant fully monitored system designed to summon assistance from the Police.

These control panels have the capability to communicate remotely by sending either a text message to a number of mobile telephones, a pre-recorded voice message from an automatic dialler or using our low cost key-holder only monitoring service via a digital communicator to our 24 hour alarm receiving centre who will contact your key holder by telephone to advise them of the alarm activation. With any of these options you are not permitted to contact the Police until after a key-holder has attended the premises to verify that the activation is due to a genuine break-in.

Premier Security Systems installed in Basingstoke

With a more sophisticated level of  control panel being required to meet the needs of the communications equipment  above, the solution is found in our Castle and Premier 24 systems as  well as the wireless Enforcer system.

The Premier 24 is an absolutely superb control panel offering many functions and features including remote programming, testing and historical log retrieval via a telephone line to our office. The Premier 24 as its name implies can accommodate up to 24 separate and individually programmable circuits making it suitable for all but the largest of domestic dwellings and most small to medium sized commercial premises.