Intruder Alarm External Sounder

Intruder Alarms installers in Basingstoke

At Care Guard, our aim is to provide a reliable and false alarm free system. Whilst neither our customers or ourselves are naive enough to believe claims of totally false alarm free systems, we do believe that by a combination of quality equipment and a careful design and build approach, we can and have achieved a false alarm free rate as close to that magical 100% as can currently be achieved and in the unlikely event that your system should false alarm, we will deal with this promptly and efficiently to ensure you do not lose confidence in your investment.

Only by using quality equipment can we make this claim of which a sample is detailed below:-

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The purpose of the external sounder is firstly to provide a deterrent to any would be intruder or burglar that the premises has been protected by a professionally installed system. This is your first line of defence as most burglars will move on to a less challenging property, one without an alarm system! Secondly if the intruder or burglar should attempt  to gain access, as soon as one of the detection devices is triggered the  control panel activates the sounder and strobe light simultaneously, giving a  high decibel siren and powerful flashing light. Sounders are tamper protected and have their own standby battery should the cable be cut between the sounder and the control panel. All installations are fitted with at least one external sounder or “bell box” to provide a clear and unambiguous indication of the alarm activation.

Alarm Sensor Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Movement Detectors

These devices detect a moving source of infra-red emissions given off by a body crossing the field of view of the detector, or by a rapidly changing heat source in the range of the detector. If sufficiently large, the detector will signal alarm activation to the control panel.

Combined Alarm PIR and Microwave Movement Detectors

Premier Elite DT Pir detector suppliers in BasingstokePremier Elite DT Pir detector installers in Basingstoke

Similar to PIR’s, these detectors commonly known as dual-technology detectors are used when the environment is too hostile for a standard PIR.

Both our “Prestige” PIR’s and Dualtechs have the same case which makes the requirement for one of each detector to be fitted in the same room in a  high security installation much more aesthetically pleasing.

Burglar Alarm Shock Detectors

Movement detectors in BasingstokeVibration Sensors installed in Basingstoke

These small devices use a seismic or vibration detector to sense an intruder using force to enter a premises through a locked door or window. Fitting these to the complete perimeter of for example, a domestic property, can enable to occupants free and unrestricted movement within the property whilst maintaining the integrity of the secured premises.

Burglar Alarm Glass Break Detectors 

As the name implies, these sensors can detect the frequency of glass being broken and like the shock detectors above will normally activate the alarm before full entry is achieved by the intruder.

Intruder Alarm Door Switches (Contacts)

The simplest, yet one of the best detection devices, the humble door contact has been available since the very first alarms were fitted and still have a major part to play in the protection of property. When fitted to a door, the contact will signal to the control panel when that door is opened, either as a positive signal for entry/exit purposes or as an immediate alarm depending on the purpose required.

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Security Panic or Personal Attack Buttons

Designed to activate the alarm regardless of whether set or unset, these devices are used to summon assistance or let others know that all is not well within the premises. With police attended systems, activation will send a special duress code via the monitoring or alarm receiving centre (ARC). Generally incorporated into the remote keypad, wired stand-alone buttons are still available.

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