Fully Monitored Intruder System DD8243/PD6662 Compliant Systems

When the risk is sufficiently high or for your peace of mind, we can provide a fully monitored system linked to our alarm receiving centre or ARC who after carrying out checks for false alarms  will contact the Police to request an officer attends the premises.

Due to the requirements of  PD6662:2010 and DD8243 the signal has to be “confirmed” and although we can  offer both Visual and Audible confirmation technologies, by far the most  effective and reliable is the Sequential signalling system favoured by the  majority of alarm system providers and insurers.

Sequential signalling is achieved when an “unconfirmed” or initial signal is generated by the activation of a detection device followed by a secondary “confirmed” signal from another device within a period of 60 minutes. On receipt of the unconfirmed signal the key holders are informed and in the event of the confirmation signal being sent the Police are additionally called.

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To ensure that both signals are  transmitted in the event of an attack on the telephone lines, the telephone  line signalling path is backed up with a wireless or radio signalling path  using one of the following products:- DualCom GPRS, DualCom Plus. RedCare GSM  or RedCare’s latest signalling service, RedCare Secure 2 and 3.

The process of installing a system to the exacting standards of DD8243 is more complex than is briefly mentioned above and full details will be provided by the surveyor and in our comprehensive system specification which will be forwarded following the survey visit.

To meet the requirements of a DD8243 system only the best quality equipment will suffice which is provided in the form of the complete Premier Range of control panels from the Premier 24 up to the powerful Premier 640. Features available include area setting options, multiple user’s codes and extensive historical log facilities. Additional keypads can be added which are available in a number of formats including extra-large LCD readout and flush fitting versions. All have up/download capabilities.