Can I have a wireless system for my home in Basingstoke?

Traditionally, alarm systems have been wired and therefore a fixed solution. However for all our customers who live in Basingstoke and surrounding areas wireless systems are becoming a much better alternative as the systems options, connectivity and power performance increasing significantly.

Although wireless systems have been around for many years and have been available as DIY systems, they were best noted for their general unreliability and hunger for frequent battery change. Today’s systems however are a far cry from the systems of old with reliability on par with wired systems and a battery life which instead of 6 months, can now reach 3 years or more depending on usage.

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Wireless and Wired Alarm Systems

Care Guard have a range of wireless systems from a selection of “hybrid” systems which combine both wired and wireless devices to achieve the best compromise between systems to our ENFORCER SYSTEM, a fully wireless only system. The hybrid systems give the opportunity to use a selection of devices which are not currently available as wireless models alongside wire free detectors. This is also ideal for systems that need to be upgraded but which can still use the original wiring infrastructure to key pads and sounders etc.

Other benefits of wireless systems include ease and  speed of installation and whilst there is still a fair amount of work involved  in fitting a quality wireless system to the applicable standards, there is no  doubt that radio has “come of age” with a faster install time and lack of  disruption.

Hybrid solutions are available with our Castle and Premier panel options.

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