Burglar alarm repairs and servicing in Basingstoke

Alarms serviced and maintained in BasingstokeWe provide a comprehensive service and maintenance program on all new systems as well as offering servicing and upgrades to older systems whether installed by ourselves or other professional companies who no longer look after that system.

Bells only systems are maintained once per year whilst monitored systems using police approved alarm receiving centres have to be serviced twice annually.

Not having a system regularly maintained can not only result in faults and false alarms occurring but can lead to further damage to the systems. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure optimum performance, detect problems so that they can be resolved before they become more serious (and expensive to repair), ensure that you continue to protect your property and, where appropriate, adhere to the terms of your buildings and contents insurance. Usually part or all of the cost of the service contract can be offset by a reduction in your contents insurance policy as our systems are recognised by insurers and underwriters. Old batteries can potentially overheat as well as compromise the system so a service will give you peace of mind that the alarm continues to be safe.

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Burglar Alarm Servicing Throughout Basingstoke and surrounding areas

We cover the whole of the Basingstoke and surrounding areas so we can assure you of fast efficient service. We pride ourselves on the service levels that we offer so you’ll always know when we’re due in and that we’ll complete all servicing in a timely and efficient manner. Your regular services will be scheduled in advance by us so you don’t need to remember when they’re due; you really can leave it all up to us. We can offer maintenance contracts on existing alarm systems, regardless of whether they were installed by us or others. Intruder alarm systems that are maintained in this way are much less likely to fail but on the rare occasion that they do we also offer a comprehensive alarm repair service.

Intruder alarm maintenance packages

Our service doesn’t stop with the installation, once the system is installed we will maintain it for as long as you wish or, if a police response system, for the duration of the monitoring period as applicable to the EN standards.

Audible only or key holder response systems are maintained annually whilst police response systems require a service visit every 6 months. Some companies offer a “remote” service for police response system where your alarm system is connected remotely to an office PC and some of the required tests done without an engineer being present. Invariably this remote test is still charged for in some way and whilst it will meet the minimum standard of tests required, it cannot take the place of a skilled and diligent engineer who will test the system far more extensively, both physically and visually to ensure no deterioration of the system has taken place or items partially obscuring detectors etc.

Whilst under a service agreement, should you need an engineers attendance, the majority of calls will be covered under the contract so will be non-chargeable. If a charge is applicable, service contract customers receive a discounted rate. For non contract customers, we will still attend requests for assistance but calls will be chargeable and contract customers will have priority.

As well as emergency call outs, the benefits are also provided for those with a service contact:

Remote Intruder and Security Alarm Maintenance

Although as stated above it is not our policy to conduct planned routine maintenance, If a suitable security alarm is connected to a telephone line, we have the facilities to carry out remote status monitoring and diagnostics. This means problems can be identified quickly and we can determine whether an engineer’s visit is required.

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