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External Beam Detectors Basingstoke
External Beam Detectors
Wired, wireless & Hybrid. Distances from 30 - 200m with beam tower.
Good all round security stems from a multi-faceted or layered approach combining where possible various levels of security equipment and devices.

Whilst its generally accepted that the intruder alarm is the mainstay of security for most users, other measures are sometimes required to complement or enhance the intruder alarm or indeed replace it with a different type of system.

The most likely of these will be CCTV and/or security lighting which act as a first line of defence to an intruder. If the intruder continues regardless of these external devices, then the alarm will be ready and waiting.

However there will be times when an intruder alarm cannot be used, either for practical reasons or because the area to protect is not the building itself but the grounds or gardens of a property. This may be the residential gardens of your home or a compound or yard of a business premises such as a car sales forecourt or storage yard of a warehouse.

Having the flexibility to extend your lines of security into the external reaches of your property provides both you and the intruder with an early warning.

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Why do I need grounds security?

Grounds Security in Basingstoke
Redwall Industrial Detectors
Long range & large area internal & external detection for CCTV switch, intruder detection & security lighting

Some intruders or burglars will target the house, office, warehouse or industrial building with the intent of stealing from within the building, others will be more than content to relieve you of your possessions or cause damage to outside property or more increasingly so, from outbuildings such as sheds and workshops.

These are frequently overlooked as thought not to be “high risk”, sadly though, others see this differently.

Protect your exterior areas from theft

Losses include garden tools such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, mowers (especially sit on types) and hand tools, sports equipment such as push bikes, motorcycles and golf equipment and an unlimited array of contents with commercial properties.

When taken into consideration, these items can sometimes be more valuable that the main protected buildings contents!

External Wired & Wireless Detection Systems

Basingstoke Grounds Security
GJD D-Tect-X & Opal wired/wireless detection heads
Texecom Ricochet enabled versions enhance the versatility.

During the Covid19 lockdown, we have seen a noticeable jump in the number of rural properties targeted, almost all suffering significant losses from garden sheds, workshops and garages. As such we have extended our range of external security to include a larger range of products. Whilst we have always been able to fit CCTV, Security Lighting and wireless internal detectors for alarms plus a small number of external beam detection devices, many manufacturers have now extended their product lines to offer a huge array of both wired and wireless detection systems.

These include external wired, wireless and hybrid wireless active infra red beams, laser beams and long range passive infra red detectors from market leaders Optex, GJD and Texecom Ricochet.

Full range of grounds security detectors available

We have close proximity beam detectors and passive infra red “curtain” detectors which are placed on a building but rather that aim out into the grounds, cover the wall, doors and windows at very close range providing a barriers. This is ideal where there are animals or plants which might otherwise cause false activations. Although false triggers are always a possibility with external detection, this new range of sensors reduce this significantly by enhanced filtering and being placed to cover the outside perimeter of a building.

Activation of the detectors can be integrated into security lighting, voice annunciators to give a verbal warning and/or the majority of our more recent intruder alarms such as the Texecom Elite panels. Indeed some devices interface directly with the renowned Ricochet wireless system and coupled with the Smart Connect module and Smart device (phone/tablet etc) can alert you directly to you device.

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Products Available include:

Security Lighting Controllers Basingstoke
GJD Advanced security lighting controller
Separate zone control, timer function and auto/manual over ride.
Basingstoke Garage Door Beam Detector
Optex BX100 Plus
Active beam sets for Windows & garage doors etc. fits across openings. Attractive design to harmonise with building architecture.
Passive Infra-Red Outdoor Detectors Basingstoke
BX Shield Series
Highly advanced passive infra red technology. External wireless detection protects the outside of buildings at close proximity. Some models have advanced environmental & small animal immunity.
Security Beam Detector Units Basingstoke
Long Range Beam Towers

External Beam Detectors - fully wireless with distances up to 200m

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Why Use Care Guard for Grounds Security?

Established in 1984 as R.I.C. Alarms, we changed our name and became a limited company in 1989, achieving NSI/NACOSS standard in 1996 having previously been a member of the SSAIB achieving their “Certificate of Merit” for many years.

We have well over 100 years combined experience, initially working predominately within the new housing sector for both small and national developers across the south of England. In fact we were one of the very first companies in the UK and certainly the South, to bring affordable systems to the new build housing market as part of the standard home specification. Previously this would have been a retro fit extra and then for only the more exclusive homes.

From this beginning, we diversified into general residential, commercial, industrial & specialist properties and projects across Basingstoke, installing, maintaining and servicing all types of electronic property security.

Our direct employed, fully vetted engineers receive extensive training before being allowed to work unsupervised in your property. We carry full insurance for your added security and peace of mind.

Expert Grounds Security company in Basingstoke Experienced Grounds Security company in Basingstoke

NSI Approved

NSI Approved Security Systems Installers in Basingstoke

We are NSI (NACOSS) GOLD APPROVED and ISO9002 Quality Accredited for intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems. This will ensure you have total peace of mind that the service we provide is to the highest possible standards.

Whatever your requirements in Basingstoke, we can design and install a system to suit your needs and budget

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